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Concert flyer
Hire the Yurt for events, a special birthday celebration, with live Mongolian music and much more, starting from 140 Euro, all enquiries welcome.

Concert for relaxation and wellbeing. You choose the date!
Details: 3 hours, 28 Euro per person for groups up to 7 people; 10 Euro for any additional person. Group size: 5-25 people.

The circular space of the yurt offers a special soft acoustics, all that is shrill and sharp disappears, and the music helps the body absorb this harmony more effectively.
  Drinks (tea) will be provided. In the Siberian tradition the guests are very welcome to bring food to share and contribute to a buffet.

"Experience the night with all senses"
and "Listening to the spiritual sound of the white shaman"
Newspaper articles in the Donaukurier 26.09.2007