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The association of the tuwinish shaman, represented through professor Lopsan gives Herbert Wagner a studies order to the investigation of the well-being effects of music in shaman healing.  Previously three trips were carried out to Tuva, Chakasia, Yakutia and Krasnojarsk to operate around further research.  For sponsorship, I am, very gratefully to you, very honored visitor of my side.  As the first result a book is finished now, for meditation and healing with the jew`s harp.  The book is not bound and costs nevertheless 28 Euros, inclusive deliveries. The english version is yet not avilible. It includes a complete school for yew`s harp under special emphasis of the meditative and healing game manner.  In collaboration with the yakutian Xomus Museum in Yakutsk, a small museum emerged over the harp, specially documenting the magic and healing, was built. Also this project needs your support, I would be happy to hear from you.  At my live journal:  Pictures and reports of the trips to Yakutia and Tuva 2004-2006, there about 200 + of pictures, I wish you much joy in the discovering another world.