Retreat for 3 days
Bewusstes Musik Erfahrungs Ritual (german)

Winter Retreat    April
Spring Retreat   June
Summer Retreat  August
Autumn Retreat  Oktober

The Retreat takes place in the Shamancentre Musicheaven, Sinning, Bavaria, Germany.

Five days of Music, Dance, Creativity, Ecstasy, Tranquillity and Silence – without a specific order but with a system behind it. The system of healing through music based on the wisdom of the Shamans. Each participant will learn how to perform rituals independently. You will be shown an effective method how to protect, purify and harmonise yourself and others, so you can then expand into and open up the potential of each individual. The power of music is beyond the language of words and lies in the emotions. We will get in touch with our emotions and put them to good use.

The daily program includes altogether six hours of:

Overtone singing, Earth note, Foundation, Meditation, Shrutibox, Didgeridoo,  Trance, Rattles, Drums, Sticks, Singing bowls, Rituals, Incense, Power, Wisdom, Journeys.

Possibilites also include Trance Dance, Working with clay and stone, Drawing, Painting, and walks in the forest.

Previous knowledge is welcome but not necessary. Each person will explore his/her potential and will be carefully guided. Please bring your instruments and materials. The group will be a small one (not more than 8 people).

Accommodation is provided in the Mongolian Yurt or you can stay in your own tent in the adjacent park. Food will be prepared together and in a simple Ayurvedic way.

The program also includes trips to ancient sites of extraordinary power, a bonfire, and as the highlight of the Solstice on June 21st we will celebrate a musical feast with guests from Mongolia and Siberia.

Each person takes part on his/her own responsibility.

To secure a place please send your application email to schamanenzentrum at
and transfer the deposit (50% of the course fee) to Herbert Wagner (see bank details below).

Course fee: 564 Euro (concessions available, please get in touch to discuss).

The course fee includes the following costs over 5 days: 12.00 Euro food, 15.00 Euro accommodation, 21 hours of tuition (14.00 Euro per hour) plus a basic fee of 150.00 Euro.

For groups with 3 people or more the dates are flexible and can be arranged individually.

Arrival on Wednesday before 17 o'clock,  travelling by car and train

Daily tuition times:
Wed     19-22
Thu       10-12   16-18  20-22
Fri        10-12   16-18  20-22
Sat       10-13   19 Celebration  
Sun      10-13

Payment methods: Bank transfer

Account holder: Herbert Wagner
Account number: 4373952
Bank name: Volksbank Neuburg
Bank code: 72169756
Swift code: GENODEF 1ND2
IBAN number: DE18 7216 9756 0004 3739 52: