Black-polished clay

Individual timeless objects

handmade using an ancient tradition


Tea bowls


  Pottery, the page you are viewing, contains the technique, history, overview - more than 20 years of personally gathered experience.

  All objects are based on the ancient Hallstatt technique of polished clay. The almost mirrorlike shiny surface is achieved with the help of certain stones. This quite time-consuming procedure has been known for at least 6ooo years. However, today it is used only in certain parts of the world (Portugal, Mexico, Hungary).

  Each object has a unique shape, surface and colour. The pottery is first fired in a furnace, then it's fired in the sawdust burner which takes a week. The final colour is achieved by using black-firing, smoke-firing with various wood types. The colours of a fired pottery range from red to brown and black.

  To make sure that this technique will not be lost, I have decided to describe it in detail. Should you have further questions, please get in touch. I am also available for holding workshops on polishing and firing. Much more on how do make it, is only in german language possible.