One-to-one sessions in the Mongolian Ger (Yurt)

The Shamancenter Musicheaven offers you help so you can help yourself and/or continue learning.

Those who seek protection and a sanctuary will find here space, love and reassurance and arrive in the Now. Those who want to make contact with spirits will learn about ways of doing that. Personal development is the goal of all harmonising techniques: The development of your personal potential is your contribution to a harmonious world.

This is how I work: I start with a ritual for purification and protection. Then I harmonise your body through music, playing various instruments and singing. If there are major issues, this work can bring about release and bring up tears. There is no risk involved - other than feeling better afterwards.
This is not a promise, but the results in all these years were all positive. Usually I give only one treatment, either it works or it doesn't. Modern science confirms that music can have positive effects. The only problem
in my point of view is the individual treatment form, so dogmatism is not the answer.

One-to-one sessions take a minimum of 90 minutes and are based on a payment of 120 Euro, every more 30 minutes 30 Euro.
For longer consultation over the phone I ask you to make a donation by electronic transfer to my bank account. A host gift for shamanservices is quite common and shows your respect and the willingness to accept help.

According to the recent German laws in relation to the regulations for so called Heilpraktiker (practitioners of  alternative/complementary medicine) my practice as a shaman can be categorised as mental healing. I do not
diagnose, make recommendations or prescribe anything and do not require a Heilpraktiker training. Please note that my treatments can never replace the advice of a medical practitioner.

Private sessions can be arranged by email or phone.

Phone 0049 / 0 84 31 - 64 85 329 or send an email to herbysmusic at

More information available on request..