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Welcome to our May 2008 e-newsletter

  Greetings from SuperShamanDotCom (also known as Herby, representing Cultural Root)

1. BUDDHABAG MEETING in Dublin (8th May 2008)
2. Dublin May 2008
3. BUDDHABAG MEETINGS in the heart of Bavaria

1. BUDDHABAG MEETING in Dublin (08th May 2008)
The return of Herbert Wagner, Musical Shaman extraordinaire. What started as a
brief musical interlude at the beginning of one meeting gathered unstoppable
momentum and support and ended up becoming the Entire Night! For those who
missed it, here he is again, back for another blast. For more info, and an
earful of his mesmerising music, check out

First set of replies:

"I have to thank you for the last conversation on thursday, it really brought me a lot of joy.
I would like to see your performance this evening as well, and do not want to miss this one."

"i am really into your music and can totally feel it in my head..........

it feels fantastic.

it makes me more aware of just how tangibly real the effect of our surround is on our state of being."

2. Dublin May 2008 and Concert in Sinning 17th May
My journey to Dublin went all too fast, I am back in the Center and ready to go bananas as you want.
It was a great second session on Monday evening and I want to thank everybody for staying.
From the island I brought new music and you can listen in, here's an extra concert, now.

Concert, meditation and discussion for healing and relaxation  Saturday (17th May) at 8pm.
Confirm soon, space limited to 18 people, we ask for a recommended donaton of 10 euro.

Bring something to eat, tea and water will be served, it is recommended not to have a large meal before the concert. Open End. Main program till 22pm.

3. BUDDHABAG MEETINGS in the heart of Bavaria
What a good thing it is to be copied... so forgive me, my friends in Dublin, and do stay in touch.

At the Yoga Sanctuary we also invite you to savour and experience alternative events that compliment the yoga lifestyle.

Weekly Buddhabag Meetings in the center in Sinning, Bavaria, Germany:
Thursday evenings 7.45pm for a 8pm start.

Topic on 22th May: Celtic singing and the balance of your tone, a workshop which will make you feel much better!

Topic on 29th May: Trance travelling, the way of the drum

Topic on 05th June: South-American shamans, live tasting of shamanic teas and product news from the rainforest

Topic on 12th June: Meditation, the basics for advancing or is it really that easy?

Topic on 19th June: Overtones, singing, feeling, enjoying, you can listen or sing as you like - if you can speak you can sing!

Topic on 26th June: People of the North, myths and music

If you have an event or practice you would like to recommend, email all the relevant details a month or more in advance to email.

How may I become/invite a guest-speaker?
Simply email your suggestions to email and we will contact you to discuss and arrange a Meeting.

What is the Buddhabag Meeting?

The Buddhabag Meeting is a gathering of open-minded individuals who come together to discuss and practice a broad range of spiritual teachings and techniques. A meeting usually contains a meditation, followed by a guest-speaker or spiritual workshop. Alternatively, a screening of some spiritual documentary or feature film will be followed by a group discussion of the topics raised therein.

How much does it cost to attend the Meeting?
Recommended donation of 10 euro.

If you get this letter and dont want it again, send me an E-Mail, with the text NOT MORE.
Love and respect to all beings,

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