Herbert Wagner is a celtic-skythic inspired Music Shaman (master of sound healing), specialising in healing through music. He delivers his performances, concerts and masterclasses with a sense of humour and in an easy-going way that offers listeners a unique experience with an always fresh and new outcome.
In 2009 he got a note from the president on livetime of the tuvinian shamans, Mongush Kenin-Lopsan, it says that Herbert Wagner is an excellent shaman, his art and shamanic melody will give all people of diffrent nationality luck. Kenin-Lopsan confirms in reliability that Herbert Wagner is the true shaman in the international kategory.
  Since his childhood Herbert loved to be close to nature and music. With time his instruments changed - and his love for music has evolved. At the age of 14 he had a transformative experience in meditation which started him on a journey that lead him to Tuva (Siberia). Here, at the age of 41, he found many answers to his questions. On this particular journey he realised his high degree in the Siberian tradition of shamans and accepted his call as a shaman, founded a shamanic centre following the Siberian model and recorded music for a Buddhist temple in Tuva.
 With his ninefold medicine wheel he unites many spiritual traditions and  invites you to explore the common ground between them, not the differences, and to taste "the big river of harmony".
 Love, respect, intuition, instruments und the voice are the basis of his talks, concerts, individual sessions or masterclasses - these are all possibilities to experience him and his extraordinary way of healing through music.
In this centre in Bavaria you will find shamanservices for various occasions - be they sad or joyful. I offer help so you can help yourself, individual sessions, lectures and music lessons. I also offer unique pottery handmade according to the ancient Hallstatt technique of the bronze age and a wealth of knowledge on the jaw's harp and Siberia. Many visitors consider the live ritual music in the jurt as one of the main attractions.
Here in the virtual world I can offer you 30 minutes of music in MP3 format, many pictures (250) und articles (45). If you wish to get more information, just send me an email. My services exclude quackery and so called 'shamanistic' services.
The most of my pages are available in English. Please use an automatic translation service, e.g., to view all pages in English.
Schaman Gerbert, celtic-skythic inspired Music Shaman and a master of sound healing
Herbert Wagner
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Personal development is the goal of all harmonising techniques.
The development of your personal potential is your contribution to a harmonious world.
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Schaman Gerbert,
celtic-skythic inspired Music Shaman
and a master of sound healing.
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