Amulets, votive gifts

Animals of knowledge and power

Secrets of the Celtic tradition

1 - Earthdragon Deer Baer Hare Boar
2 - Horse Crane Salmon Swan Wren
3 - Otter Raven Dolphin Snake Bull
4  New in june 2010: Mammoth Owl and Wolf
Available from june 2015:

Mammoth    Mighty Animal Helper, Calmness, Power

The Mammoth transmits enormous powers if used calmly and deliberately. In Siberia it is one of the animal spirits that are used and invoked for particularly difficult tasks.

Owl / Cailleach-Oidhche [kal-jach oiche]  Disengagement, Wisdom, Change

The Diamond/Eye is the Symbol of the Great Mother, Bird with the large eyes, can see in the dark.

The Owl will show you nature's soul. If you want to work with clairvoyance, the Owl will help you.

Each object is unique and becomes even more valuable when it's used and looked after!

Orders - Prices
If you're interested in an object send me an email with a description of the amulet and your address. You will receive a confirmation. Only while supplies last.

Small - 43.80 Euro
Large - 47.50 Euro

Plus 5 Euro for postage & packaging.

Special offer: 8 Amulets/votive gifts for the price of 7
Large - 4.4cm
Small - 3.9cm

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