Amulets, votive gifts

Animals of knowledge and power

Secrets of the Celtic tradition

1 - Earthdragon Deer Baer Hare Boar
2 - Horse Crane Salmon Swan Wren
3 - Otter Raven Dolphin Snake Bull
4  New in june 2010: Mammoth Owl and Wolf
Otter Otter / Dóbhran [doran] Joy, Play, Helpfulness

The Otter will show you the way to joy and relaxation. Dare to be a child again! Treat yourself to freedom and lightheartedness..
Rabe, Krähe Crow, Raven / Bran [bran] Healing, Initiation, Protection

Future knowledge.

 The Raven gives you Protection and the gift of Prophecy. A new beginning is in store for you, the Raven enables you to solve conflicts
that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time.
Delfin Dolphin Intelligence, Saviour and Leader, Swiftness, Symbol of Love

Neptune's Companion, Cycle of the Water and Fertility, Psychopomp (soul conductor) - the Fish brings the deceased to an island in the
Otherworld, Saviour in emergency situations, Developmental processes in the cosmos, the Up and Down, the Becoming and the Passing. The Dolphin is described as a highly intelligent, human-loving and flexible animal. It is seen as the king of the sea dwellers. The Greeks and Romans considered the Dolphin to be godlike. In the Early-
Christian art it is together with the fish symbol a symbol of Christ.
Schlange Snake, Colubrid / Nathair [nah-hir] Transformation, Healing, Life force

Joining opposites in the Spirale of Life, female/male principle, spacial force-life force, continuous renewal of the cosmos, sexual instinct. Reptiles in general: Life according to the yearly course of the farmer, sleeping in winter, awakening in the springtime, metaphors for the  cyclical nature of life and death, shedding the skin stands for re-embodiment and rejuvenation, according to the Old Testament the Snake stands for Satan.

 The Colubrid shows you the way to a symbolic death and rebirth. Bring closure to one thing and start a completely new thing. This animal bestows you energy and strength to see this through.
Bulle, Stier
Bull / Tarbh [tarv]
Wealth, Virility, Charity

Tamed cultivated strength, enormous, massive, unpredictable - these are all attributes of the holy Rage; Fertility and Procreativeness stand for Godliness, the Horn stands for the female/male principle and the increase of the life force after winter, an upside down horn=Cornucopia with the gifts of the Mothergod, the all-giving matrix.

 The bull will show you the way to generosity. But true generosity is found in the heart and in the soul. So let the Bull help you to find your heart's desire without ending up drained or down.

Each object is unique and becomes even more valuable when it's used and looked after!

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