Amulets, votive gifts

Animals of knowledge and power

Secrets of the Celtic tradition

1 - Earthdragon Deer Baer Hare Boar
2 - Horse Crane Salmon Swan Wren
3 - Otter Raven Dolphin Snake Bull
4  New in june 2010: Mammoth Owl and Wolf
Pferd Horse / Each [ech] Goddess, Country, Travels

Popular burial object and votive gift, the sun guides the horse, Epona -
Horse goddess, Sun horse - Light, Warmth and Motherly love,
life-giving, Strength in battle and in reproduction, winged Horse represents the Courageous who are whisked away to paradisiac fields, Wheel and boat together with a horse represent the Sun and a vehicle to the Otherworld.

 The Horse will encourage you to go on a journey at last. To the country you dream of or to another place in your mind. It represents the Virgo phase and will show you the way to new shores by way of its desire for freedom and being wild.
Kranich Crane / Corr [korr] Secret knowledge, Patience, Longevity

Leader to the Otherworld, Ogham - Book of Nature, Carrying the souls of the dead across, in their Flying, Swimming and Diving water birds are a link between the worlds, their absence in winter represents the cyclical nature of life and death, the 3 Cranes of inhospitableness weaken the Enemy (do not come, go away, go past the house).

 The Crane will show you the way of stamina. It can stare for hours into the water and snap in a split second. In the Druid tradition it represents the secret knowledge.
Lachs Salmon / Bradan [bratan] Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvenation

Ogham-Sign: Negetal=Reed, oldest Animal, very holy, Return to the Source=Finding Wisdom by connecting with the beginnings, Rejuvenation by connecting with the inner child, Youthfulness of the Spirit, going against the flow, gaining Wisdom through the senses, Wisdom comes unexpectedly. The Salmon is a holy animal. It returns through great efforts to its birthplace to reproduce.

 The Salmon tells you to return in full consciousness to your roots. A spiritual experience is awaiting you.
Schwan Swan / Eala [ellah] Soul, Love, Beauty

Bird of the Threshold - Samhain, Transformation of Virgins as metaphor for death, journeys to the Otherworld, magnificent Singer - Healing sleep and happiness. In their Flying, Swimming and Diving water birds are a link between the worlds.

 The Swan will bring back the quality of your Soul. Gracefulness, Depth, Love and Beauty are hidden within. It's time to write a poem.
Zaunkönig Wren / Drui-en [dru-y-en] Modesty, Cleverness, God

Druid bird, Nest=House of the Druid, Taranis - dedicated to the God of Thunder and Lightning.

 The Wren will show you the way to Modesty, Gentleness and Subtlety.
It enriches your spiritual path with a refined sense for the small things of this world.

Each object is unique and becomes even more valuable when it's used and looked after!

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