Amulets, votive gifts

Animals of knowledge and power

Secrets of the Celtic tradition

1 - Earthdragon Deer Baer Hare Boar
2 - Horse Crane Salmon Swan Wren
3 - Otter Raven Dolphin Snake Bull
4  New in june 2010: Mammoth Owl and Wolf
Rolltier Earthdragon/Draig-talamh [draig-talav] Power, Potential, Riches

Minder of the inner treasure and of the spiritual search, Dragon lines=Ley lines - Geomancy, Motive for coinage in Oppidum
(permanent large settlement) Manching around 100 BC.

 The Earthdragon will whisper you the secret of power and the ability for success. It knows not just about material riches, but the beauty and strength of the soul. After all this is more important, like all dragon treasures of this world.
Hirsch Deer / Damh [dav] Pride, Independence, Purification

Messenger of the Otherworld, master of the animals and the wildlife hunt, Cernunnos - the horned god of growth, one of the 5 oldest animals, the unrestrained power of uncivilised nature. The deer also stands for fertility and sexuality.

 Through the deer you will find your path to dignity, gracefulness,
strength and integrity in your sexual life.
Bär Bear / Art [arscht] Elemental force, Ruling, Instinctive Intuition

Connection with the ancestry roots, help on the path to becoming a spiritual warrior, developing strength and persistence, Berserker, Winter Solstice - Polestar=sole leader (Arthur=Light), Hibernation, Leader into the realm of sleep and dream, the cave bear and the bear cult of the last ice age testify to elemental shamanism, the cave as the entrance to the Otherworld, today the bear can be replaced with the badger.

 The bear connects you deeply with your ancestry roots. Your intuition will never leave you if you listen to it, the path of the spiritual warrior is free.
Hase Hare / Geàrr [gy-arr] Rebirth, Intuition, Balance

Companion to the realm of the dead, dedicated to the Moon/Goddess, skilful shape shifter.

 The hare will bring you fulfilment. From the Otherworld it heralds you changes. One cycle is finished, the next is pending.
Eber, Wildschwein Wild boar, Boar / Torc [tork] Warrior spirit, Guidance, Direction

The values of the boar are the values of the warrior class - Mightiness, Power and blind fighting Rage, Sign of the Holy Furiousness, Carnyx war trumpets with boar heads, boar funerals, coins.

 The boar awakens your hidden strengths. Unimagined talents (e.g. music, poetry) are set free.

Each object is unique and becomes even more valuable when it's used and looked after!

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